Vanjikottai Valiban - Kannum kannum kalandhu....

About Vaijaynthimala:

Born in Madras. She did her schooling at Sacred Heart Church
Park Convent, Chennai. She trained in Bharatnatyam, a South Indian genre of
classical dancing.

At age 15, she got a break in AVM Productions Tamil movie, Vazhkai,
which was produced by M. V. Raman, a family friend. The movie was a success,
and was remade in Hindi as Bahaar (1951). She acted in a few more Tamil movies
before moving on to a highly successful career in Hindi movies. Her dance competition
with Padmini in the Tamil film, Vanjikottai Vaaliban, received much acclaim.

Dole, Mera tan dole, in Nagin made the movie an enormous success, and the movie's
success helped Vyjayanthimala break out of B grade movies. She costarred with Raj Kapoor in Sangam which
earned her the Filmfare Best Actress Award. (She denied rumors of an affair
with Raj Kapoor during the production of Sangam, saying that it was a publicity
stunt by Kapoor to boost his image). courtesy:wikipedia

paatu paadava

About Gemini Ganesan

Ganesan graduated from the prestigious Madras Christian College
and was one of the few graduates to enter the film world in those days. Mr.
Ganesh (Ganesan) did not take the traditional route of the theatre to the tinsel
world. His first job was as a Lecturer in the department of chemistry at the
Madras Christian College. His first cinema-related work (Production Executive
in 1947) with the Gemini Studios added the title Gemini to his name.

He acted as hero with Manampol Mangalyam. The film paired him with Savithri,
who became the mother of two of his children — a daughter and a son. Ganesan
was one of the "Big Three" of Tamil cinema, the other two being the
late M. G. Ramachandran and Sivaji Ganesan. Although Sivaji excelled in films
with drama, and MGR dominated movies with thrilling fight-scenes and, Mr. Ganesh
held his own with sensitive portrayals of the yearning lover.(courtesy:wikipedia).

Some damaging information about Gemini Ganesan and about the number of wives
he had, is available in
this site




Gemini Daughters and Savitri in Death Bed


About This Song:
IN 1970s, when I was studying in American College Madurai, Kannadasan
came to our college and we had a chat with him.At that time, he told this news
about this song:" It was originally written not for cinema. The meaning
of original song is : : The prince(THALAIVAN) had gone out for a war. His wife(THALAIVI),
without seeing her husband for many days, talks to the moon.Shine towards THAT
side where my husband is there(ATHTHIKKAI KAI KAI). Dont shine this side (ITHTHIKKAI
KAYATHE). Your light is like poison to me now.(AALANGAI)....Shine on the king
(KOVAI KAAI). For this Girl (PAAVAIKKAI), Shine on him. (AVARAI KAI). Shine
on my king (KOVAI KAI). My heart is not ok(MATHULLAM KAI). Letus live (VAAZHAK







The Story of Palum Pazhamum

Sivaji is a doctor searching for a cancer cure. Saroja Devi
is Sivaji's nurse assistant. Sivaji offers to marry her after her father's death.
Saroja Devi assists him in his research. After putting in enormous efforts,
Sivaji emerges successful in formulating a new drug but Saroja Devi is diagnosed
with tuberculosis. Sivaji neglects his duties as a doctor and starts focusing
more on Saroja Devi's health. Saroja Devi flees on a train as she does not wish
to divert him from his research.

The train crashes and Saroja Devi is believed to be dead. Sivaji
is heartbroken but vows to complete his research. Sivaji's family forces him
to marry Janaki, but they do not have a happy home life, as he is more oriented
towards his research than his family. Janaki and Sivaji fight, and Sivaji loses
his eyesight in one of these fights. Saroja Devi escapes the train crash and
goes to Switzerland to cure her TB. Saroja Devi returns from Swiss to find that
her husband lost his eyesight. She offers to nurse Sivaji; Sivaji finds her
voice familiar but does not recognize her, and confides that he is still fond
of his ex-wife. Janaki overhears this, and complains to her parents. Saroja
Devi faces criticism from the womenfolk of the house for her intimacy with Sivaji.

Sivaji's brother grows fond of Saroja Devi and tells Sivaji.
Sivaji suggests they marry. Saroja Devi is upset and reveals her identity to
Sivaji's family. Sivaji's sight is restored by an operation. He recognizes Saroja
and rushes to the marriage hall to find that Saroja Devi's sister is married
to his brother. Sivaji reunites with Saroja while Janaki joins as a Red Cross
agent and flies to Switzerland. The movie ends with Sivaji and Saroja Devi working
together to benefit mankind.(coutesy;wikipedia)

malarnthum malaratha

Pasmalar (Also known in english as: The Flower of Love) is a 1961 film starring Savithri, Sivaji Ganesan and Gemini Ganesan. The film was cast in 1961 and directed by A. Bhimsingh.